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Simply put - we have had 8 decades of unrestricted growth in sales globally, of a drug that is a depressant, cancer causing an addictive. This drug promotes isolationism, fears, tensions and reduces spirituality.

Decades of marketing making self medicating socally acceptable, have increased sales year over year.  Now we have over 3 million people a year dying from cancer-causing addictive drugs - and tens of millions whose lives are destroyed in different ways.

 "Just Ask WHY?"

I created Sober World to change attitudes, build awareness, shine a light on the problems and offer better solutions. I focus on the youth of today - but the message works for all. 

WHY - a simple question - Alcohol - C2H6O causes cancers, brian damage, disrupts sleep, adds risk to road safety, the root cause of abuse, rapes, violence globally. Alcohol COSTS us about $20 in health, fire, legal and other social costs for every $1 in Tax revenue. 

Extremely Harmful - both Physically and Fiscally - Yet we drink ore and more.  WHY?

I support awareness of the World Health Organization strategy includes reducing the impact of alcohol and support to 'tone down the party a bit'. Sober World will share updates on efforts daily from around the world aligning around the key points in countries around the globe.

I support education and awareness of all the global and regional initiatives to reduce the harm done by alcohol. The message and information highlight the issues in education, legislation, society and fiscal impact of excessive alcohol sales, and subsequent abuse.

The numbers are staggering ...
  • Over 3 Million a year die from alcohol (WHO) 
  • About $250 Billion a year incarcerating people for Alcohol related issues
  • Hundreds of Millions in lost productivity (CDC) 
  • Tens of Millions struggle with Alcohol addiction in the US alone
  • One in 10 Working Age adult (age 18-65) in the US dies from Alcohol (CDC
IT'S YOUR CHOICE - a Social Change is needed - One by One. 

I seek to re-define the word "Sober" - to understand the simple spiritual component that helps people of all walks of life and reduces so much self-medicating. Promoting understanding of WHY people self-medicate so much. Some people can't 'Just Say No", but they can get help understaning why.

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