Hi - my name is Bob ...

Taken from my Blackberry

So I was out riding my bike along a remote trail the other day .. and an alien materialized out of nowhere ... - I stopped. A little startled, I didn't say anything.  He said, "Hey there ... nice day for a ride eh?".

It was a beautiful day, I agreed with him, introduced myself, he told me his name was Bob.  So, not to be rude, I asked him "how can I help you?"

He explained that physically, his species was almost identical. He could consume the same foods as us and metabolize proteins, and minerals and nutrients the same as us... that he liked Pizza and he also had an affinity for M&M's. (must be an ET thing).

I shared my love of pizza and suggested he try Heath Toffee Bars ...

Then he started asking about some items he saw people ingesting in various ways, inhaling, injecting and consuming in liquid form, that seemed to have no benefit to the body at all. Little or no nutritional value, in fact, many contained serious toxins that affected central nervous systems, altered cells so that they became cancerous, and killed many thousands of people.

He shared his observations about how much these toxic items are promoted at large events, where tens of thousands would gather to ingest large quantities. He asked why things like this were placed in so many locations near where we live, and why people went so often to obtain these various products.

"Good questions" I said ...

I told Bob that as far as I knew -  that's just the way it is, and it was all driven by a flaw called 'greed' in our character. Some people a long time ago figured out that they could make a lot of money selling these addictive toxins everywhere. A small percentage of us figured it out, and don't follow, but most do.

Bob said "OK...I've observed greed, I understand now. That makes sense."

I told him it was great to meet him, but that I had to run ...
He promised to email me once in a while.  Nice guy.  He gets it.



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