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Touched by a Wall

I hadn't thought too much about wars, the consequences, the numbers. I was detached from them, being born in-between most active major conflicts. I had seen the movies, read about the horrific events in books, seen the photo's ... to the point where I became numb.

Then the traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial came to my home town.

As a budding photography enthusiast, I grabbed my camera on the way to work, with the expectation of catching some images of this exciting event. I arrived early in the morning, there were dozens milling around. I didn't say a word, because I could not speak.

The lens cap stayed on, the trigger finger never flinched on my camera. I walked around in the morning dew, felt the sun on my back and read the names, so many names.

The experience was overwhelming. The magnitude of the wall, the veterans crying, relatives leaving flowers and notes for those long passed. I left the first day without a photo, and I repeated the event the next da…

The "TIDES" of Venus and Mars

I had a random encounter with two bottles of laundry detergent recently. Made by the same company, mostly the same stuff inside, some sort of a soapy mixture the removes crud from your clothes.

But these were two VERY different bottles of soap ....

One designed for people from Venus, (you women know who you are), and the other for us less intelligent folk from Mars. I will point them out for you.

COLOR -  Venus is crisp white, and pale blue, sensitive and caring colors, representing purity and cleanliness. Mars is Denver Bronco kick ass, in your face, don't mess with me friggin dirt  orange.

TOUCH - Venus is "gentle on the skin" - soft caress,  a pleasure, to glide your soft cottons over your tender shoulders. Mars is  'clean the NFL trusts, meaning it will get caked blood and ground in mud and grass stains from working in the yard out of your denim, which we guys air dry so they are crusty.

FRAGRANCE - Venus is "free and gentle" so it won't contrast with…

Fake Death, Real Death

Many thanks to all involved with the production at Windsor High School yesterday. the "Broken Promises" school group produced a very realistic reenactment of a crash between two High School cars, filled with kids headed to the prom. I will let the below video speak for itself, it was no small effort.

Just a note. Many of those 'responding' to this fake accident had to miss the rehearsal, responding to a real fatal  accident instead. A young woman rear ended a truck nearby, and was killed. No skid marks, apparently a distracted driver for some reason. The truck's real axle was near her rear seat. I talked with one of the teen aged volunteer fire fighters, first on the scene, his only comment was that he hoped this event would prevent other drunk and distracted accidents. I was amazed at this young mans poise after just witnessing a horrific death just a few hours earlier.

Please take time to watch the below video and thank the school and all the professionals inv…

Blinded by the dollars

If you were a traveling businessperson, looking for a fun  place to go for food and an evening of drinks and possible entertainment with local flair, I would suggest the Tavern downtown, or the Bar and Grill farther north near the airport. Both have great food, excellent wine lists and full bars. They have local 'regulars' who make the evenings fun, Windsor's version of 'Cheers'.

I bring these up, because they were both promoted in a local fundraiser for the High School. Spend an evening out and these establishments, and they will donate a percentage of the revenues to the school to help with Graduation expenses.

A mailer was sent out, but there was a problem.

Contained in the envelope from the school was a letter from the High School Principal announcing an event to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. It talked of the thousands of deaths and what the school was doing to educate the students.

The following four pages were fundraisers, two for je…