Blinded by the dollars

If you were a traveling businessperson, looking for a fun  place to go for food and an evening of drinks and possible entertainment with local flair, I would suggest the Tavern downtown, or the Bar and Grill farther north near the airport. Both have great food, excellent wine lists and full bars. They have local 'regulars' who make the evenings fun, Windsor's version of 'Cheers'.

I bring these up, because they were both promoted in a local fundraiser for the High School. Spend an evening out and these establishments, and they will donate a percentage of the revenues to the school to help with Graduation expenses.

A mailer was sent out, but there was a problem.

Contained in the envelope from the school was a letter from the High School Principal announcing an event to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. It talked of the thousands of deaths and what the school was doing to educate the students.

The following four pages were fundraisers, two for jewelry, and two promoting an evening out at these establishments for 'dinner'.

I think it would be interesting to have local law enforcement there with breathalyzers at these establishments testing the drivers of those who 'supported' the schools, and offering rides home to those who fail. I bet you the results would be very sobering.

Next time, may I suggest more family oriented restaurants like Friendly's or Bart's? Just a thought.

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