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My Quest

OK -  so this was not much of a Quest - more so in name.  After two failed attempts to find a place and time to pee for people that cared about my pee -  because they were getting paid to... I had success!  Quest Diagnostics!

I am starting a new job in January - that's usually a positive thing - and this is -  better expectations - money - etc.  But what I found somehow odd this time was the whole "Drug Testing" thing.

I've done it before - It's very 'normal' now for companies to test people for substance abuse - I am assuming it's illegal substances they check for. Okay - so maybe I had too much coffee - but while sitting there with the prescribed 'full bladder' - I had a brain fart.

Waiting for my turn-in of the urin - my brain began a churnin. 

So it's common practice today tto spend many thousands of dollars a year finding new people you want among all the rest of your current employees. But now you don't trust that they are not dr…