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Three for Fore

I'm using this spot this week to give a shameless plug to three worthwhile Golf Tournaments (if there is such a thing) I'm helping out with. I just love these shameless excuses to go for a long walk and write it off.

In chronological order they are ...

June 2nd -  Sunday  - The Clubs Open - supporting the Windsor Recovery Club, a place for those struggling with Alcohol to go to learn how to overcome this disease for a better life. Go to  for more information.I created the web site and other print marketing materials for this event. I'll be at Oak Ridge come golf day with Camera in hand.


June 17th -  Monday  - The WCC/Rotary Golf Tournament- supporting the Windsor Chamber of Commerce where I have volunteered my services over the years and also the Windsor/Windsor Locks Rotary. Both great groups that do so much for the region. Go to the web site at  for more information.I'll be doing …

Hold that note ...

I had a few hours of enjoyment last night, listening to an amazing group of young men. They are all members of a singing group called Ithacappella, students of Ithaca College, located  somewhere, in nowhere New York.

The room was amazingly electric with energy, the music was phenomenal; from there it only got even better.

This night was the farewell show for four of the Seniors of the group. There were musical roasts from the underclassmen, done with flair, fun and frivolity, and retorts from the upperclassmen which started somber and smooth and finished in a barber shop style quartet that did nothing less than kick some butt musically. They sounded like a full ensemble coming from just four mouths.

Sprinkled through the evening were emotional and tender stories of leaving, remembering the effort put in,  sharing of long hours, new friendships, sweat, and for one senior, even overcoming a traumatic injury from an accident along the process.
This group is a testament to what a few yo…

Simple Ways

The pile of newspapers is almost a foot deep now. Headlines missed, urgent news passed by, articles not read.

I was gathering the daily newspapers for my vacationing parents, I call them the "daily dose of death and destruction delivered to you doorstep". 

They sit in a recycling bin, ready to be made into more news ready not to read. Daily the news flows into our lives from papers delivered o our homes, cables connected to visual interfaces and mobile devices where we can connect to everything we don't really need to know.
We struggle to balance the normal life of fun daily routines of meals, children, social activities with the onslaught of bad news from all media venues. I found this constant reminder even at a small local fall fair a few years ago.

The below video I created from the titled song "Simple Ways" from a local band "Bus13". It shows all of the fun activities of a beautiful fall afternoon with children enjoying a seasonal fair, when in …