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Awww, Cmon - no way ...

It's too good to be true. Right?  Maybe?
C'mon!! ... or Come on 
I received a phone call the other day, someone I didn't know wanted to talk to me about an opportunity. I personally am never one for passing up on new things, but I excepted this call with a mild degree of skepticism.

I've talked with many people about many different opportunities, I've worked with many dozens of companies, helping them market and convey their branded message in different ways. Just when you think you've seen it all, good and bad, someone comes up with something a little different that makes you stop and think.

My meeting took place in my stocking feet, in a rather elegant house along the Connecticut River, with a gentleman in his later years, and was obviously not in need of additional revenue. He was soft-spoken, low key, but he had a passion about what he was talking about, a new and different opportunity. If this were Star Wars. I would refer to it as a "convergence of …

Two slices please - with whipped cream

On Sunday, I spent about 3 1/2 hours, having lunch, dessert, casual conversation, a few laughs in a relaxing time with my ex-wife and kids.

Yes, with my ex-wife… And kids.

To say that my ex and I have under communicated in the past few years is an understatement. I can point a finger at her, but then 3 fingers point right back towards me, and the thumb… You know where that's been.

For those of you who missed the memo, I'm an alcoholic, and quite frankly I love it! In the past few months I have learned so much about myself, gained such serenity, calmness, comfort in my own skin, understanding, and so much more, it's been great. Humble pie never tasted so good.

Don't get me wrong, I know I have a lot of work to do to rebuild trust in relationships, only having been sober, not just dry… But truly sober for a little over 5 months, in every sense of the word. The way I look at it, I spent the last 3 decades, impeding my progress with alcohol, I'd like to spend the next…

Blue Male - Check

Did they miss the memo?

I'm pretty sure, that the rules today are that all men and women, regardless of race, color, height, baldness, amount of hair on back (men and women) are to be treated as equals when it comes to employment opportunities.

Why is it that at the end of every job application they want to know your ethnic background? Do we actually count how many Eskimos and Native Americans are applying for jobs? And if so, why. I am a white male, Irish? French? German? Italian? Russian? Slavic? Israeli?… They don't ask that question. Why not?

We also feel compelled to track gender, why is that? The nature of my genitalia won't affect my ability to perform that office job. Whether you have man breasts, or woman breasts shouldn't matter at work (however, some men, quite frankly, could use a little underwire help, especially in IT). I think that's one question we could do without.

If they're going after gender, why not just ask them what their sexual preferen…

Fastener your Customer Service Belts!

Working on a signage project recently, I needed some clips to hold components together. I remembered a company I used to work with years ago called Fasteners for Retail, they carry all those cool gadgets you see in retail land, holding signs, dangling and making you buy things you don't need.

It was a Saturday, normal office hours were closed, so I hit the web. I found what I needed and ordered a sample quantity of 10 for about $13. Order was processed, received, clips worked great, until. I noticed my credit card was it for 2 charges, one for the $13 and another for almost $15. I sent an email to the customer service person, Heather,  who explained the latter charge was for freight.

When I ordered the clips, I had requested a catalog also. Their catalog weighs about 3 pounds (a great bathroom reader, by the way). My clips weighed about 3 ounces, so being shipped with a catalog. My assumption was that they were billing the freight for their catalog, which didn't seem right.


Golf Tournament Sponsors

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Good ISMs and Bad ISMs

I recently discovered that alcoholism has been a part of me, and will be a part of me for my entire life. Like diabetes or cancer, it’s just something you live with and do your best to control it. This is a bad “ism” that can lead to a lot of family pain, great losses and death.
One of the cures for this ism is another called spiritualism. The teachings of AA focus a lot on this, making a part of your everyday life. From this, I personally have found great serenity, humility, and a heightened awareness of self and others.

I wish there were more isms, like TV ism, Facebook ism, work ism, text ism, coffee ism and more. All of those activities and habits that can at times be taken to excessive levels, distracting you from important isms like family ism or health ism.

Most times, managing your isms can be quite easy once you identify them. I start my day with a little bit of spiritualism, then I float that into my thoughts for the activities that I need to do, make sure that everything…

So many clocks, so little time

Well, it's that time of year again. The hunt for clocks is on, and time is running against us.I estimate that I spend about an hour a year moving clocks in my life back-and-forth. If I live to be 80, that's almost 2 weeks worth of work vacation I wasted on changing clocks. Time well spent?

It's amazing the amount of clocks and time pressure that we put on ourselves. Clocks in the bathroom, clocks in the kitchen, clocks in the family room, clocks in your car, clock on your wrist, clock in your phone, clock in your computer… Does anyone know what time it is? I do, it's time to get rid of some of these damn clocks. Why is a there a clock on a coffee maker? If it's time to make coffee, you know it. You don't need an LED readout of what the real-time is, it's coffee time. Someone along the would be a good idea to put a wake-up timer and have the coffee maker be an alarm clock and start making coffee for you in the morning. Dumb idea. Half the fun of makin…

Where's the damn bread?

Last week, I was traveling back from some errands with my father, about ready to have lunch with both my parents. We decided to grab some fresh bread on the way and stopped at a grocery store that neither of us was familiar with.

We walked in, to our right were bagels and donuts… Close, but not a loaf of fresh bread like we were looking for. My dad thought the bread was at the other end of the front of the store, so we walked over there (this was a large grocery store. We found only prepackaged breads, no fresh bakery bread. Deciding to hold true to mail tradition, we refused to admit defeat, refused to ask for direction, and proceeded to walk the whole perimeter of the store in a quest for bread. We eventually found in the back right corner a wonderful selection of fresh baked loaves, made our selection and headed to the checkout. Being near lunchtime, this area was very busy, and that the 15 and under item aisle was well attended. The woman in front of us had a card with 14 1/2 item…