Sober World

I am the founder of

#SoberWorldOrg is about reducing Self-Medication through Seld-Education.   

It is not the traditional punitive program, it's simply about changing attitudes, reducing fears, building awareness, and empowering people towards better choices and avoiding self-medicating with any drugs whenever possible. 

It's simply about looking at life and living happy and healthy like a kid again, stress and medication free. 

Why is this needed? Some well-hidden numbers....
  • Over 3 Million a year die from alcohol (WHO) 
  • $225B  in lost productivity in the USA alone (CDC) 
  • Tens of Millions struggle with Alcohol addiction in the US alone
  • One in 10 Working Age adult (age 18-65) in the US dies from Alcohol (CDC
  • Alcohol-related deaths in the US for kids under 21 are about 5,000 a year
  • Alcohol causes colon, breast, and cancers in 6 other internal organs. 
  • Alcohol costs EVERY taxpayer in the USA well over $1000
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