Bills Blend Coffee

Bills Blend is (to be) a for-profit company whose primary purpose is to support Sober World promoting a healthier, more sustainable life. 

The business plan is to start with B2B Case sales  -  off the shelf coffee with [rivate labeling. A turn-key solution already mostly in place. 

Target markets are facilities that a) use coffee regularly in large quantities and b) see a serious problem with alcohol. Institutions like Colleges, Hospitals and religious organizations could provide quick probable sale and consistent revenue and brand loyalty - since the goal of Sober World would reduce THEIR operating costs. 

Basic coffee to start - and the potential to go retail or sell off to a franchise - retail opportunities eventually could be added also. Coffee shops of learning and more.  a brand that helps reduce addiction. None like it that I know of. 

Anticipated full launch - no later than 2020.

Comtact me if interested. 

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