Holy S4!^

So my spiritual boat was rocked this week - a Holy S4!^ - kinda understanding that's I've had something all wrong. Thought I'd share...

One sentence back-story - I lived in a spiritual void for decades - about 4 1/2 years ago dark moments brought me to spiritual awakening - over the years I have slowly started to immerse myself in the religions of men again... that's where it gets complicated.

So in the past few months - Found myself hanging with the 7th Day Bible thumpers... intense scholars - what better I thought? Noticed first off they do worship on Saturdays... odd for me - and they are VERY vehement about it - a marketing differentiator I thought - clever. Obsessive it seemed - and after time - it repeatedly seemed to be a holier than though - we've got it right thing - which rubbed me wrong... and Saturday - what?

OCD Me... had to investigate - Columbo on the case... here are my findings.

Fact - Ten Commandments - from God - Sabbath Keep it Holy - #4 - We get 6 Days - Suggested we focus on God for one... seems fair - and the Sabbath is Saturday. (Commandments - written in stone using his fingers - missed that part the first time around - impressive).

The Old testament also has a ton of Moses Laws of Worship - etc - The Old Testament is mostly all to go away with the prophecies about Christ... except God's Laws (Commandments)

Segway.. Christ comes - Moses Laws - Gone - Ten Commandments - stay. All of them... WHY? - God realizes we are ALL screwups - Adam and Eve had ONE thing to not do in paradise - they messed that up. So Christ came in Human form to shoulder our stupidity - Dies on Friday  (crucified more accurately as a criminal - to the combo religious-political insecure nutcase - Pilot - similar story to... never mind) - and Jesus arises from the dead on Sunday for us - God accepts his sacrifice on OUR behalf. Christ the re-appeared on a few other different Sundays... even to John in Revelations (a revelation to me).

Soooo...  Sunday soon became Party Day - Worship til you drop - Yeah!  The Christian Lords Day - a Holy Day... First Day -  And many started to worship THAT day - and also the OLD Sabbath - Saturday too. Two days a week then... hmmmm  What happens next -  I wonderrrrr.

As you guessed it - Pretty quickly - Sunday became the preferred day - and Saturday was dropped... most all Christian Churches early on adopted celebrating Sunday - which is cool - Provided you also do Saturday - as the big guy requested.  Apparently, we over time forgot that little part.

Zoom forward 2000 years to my little brain... decades of thinking Sunday was the Sabbath - the day of Worship - according to God... per hundreds of millions of Christians - and I am wrong. (and the Holy S4*^ moment - so are hundreds of millions of Christians?  Really?  Don't let the Muslims know! - The media - wow).

The 7th Day Group - although technically correct - were also disturbing - telling me Jesus is coming back any week now - Children - sorry you don;t have a future here - get ready - but please spend hard -  we need an addition to the church... literally in the same half an hour.  OK - a bit odd - but any religion is odd when you look at them really close... so I just stuck to the Bible stuff. 

Other Input - I got many more loving - inspirational verses from many non 7th day people - Ministers - Pastors - Priests - not sure the titles -- some really great interpretations of Christ love - intentions - the only way -  yada yada -  all good - but at the end of the day - YES - Saturday is the day we are Supposed to worship - that commandment DID NOT CHANGE - and knowledge of this and intentionally NOT worshiping God on Saturday - Is wrong per the big guy (gal - neutral gender trans - whatever you want) - period - end of statement.   (So sorry - you are screwed for knowing that now if you choose to ignore it.  Whpoopsie! lol) 

So - Sorting thia all aout - 
many sleepless nights - thinking of all this... Three takeaways for me...

I thank the 7th Day folk - yes technically they are accurate - I would suggest they also adhere to scriptures that say do not judge others for what meat they eat - and what day they worship. Lesson - So even when you are right... humility and soft teaching and showing are the best. Walk the walk - quietly and happily in the Grace of God - others will follow. Drama not needed. 

For the dress up on a Sunday and go to Church folk -  rock on! - Worship ANY day you want!  God is completely cool with that. I will do that too on occasion -  But... but ALSO - on Saturdays I will also take some time to "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy" - as best I can avoid work -  clear my head out - take a quiet walk - meditate - it's awesomely healthy! Suggest that for all.  Cover your... but anyhow.

Bottom line -  as I understand it  - as much as it pains me to admit my ego won't do it... Jesus and his Grace is the only thing saving our butts. I got spiritual through deep pain - and slowly learning a lot. The bible is pretty messed up - and pretty awesome. A definite suggested read -- there are Youtube vidoes of each book too.  And WE are pretty messed up - and potentially awesome.  

Keep Your OWN Spiritual Growth!  Whatever your religion - or even without man's religions.
Desperately needed in this selfish world. 



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