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Holy S4!^

So my spiritual boat was rocked this week - a Holy S4!^ - kinda understanding that's I've had something all wrong. Thought I'd share...

One sentence back-story - I lived in a spiritual void for decades - about 4 1/2 years ago dark moments brought me to spiritual awakening - over the years I have slowly started to immerse myself in the religions of men again... that's where it gets complicated.

So in the past few months - Found myself hanging with the 7th Day Bible thumpers... intense scholars - what better I thought? Noticed first off they do worship on Saturdays... odd for me - and they are VERY vehement about it - a marketing differentiator I thought - clever. Obsessive it seemed - and after time - it repeatedly seemed to be a holier than though - we've got it right thing - which rubbed me wrong... and Saturday - what?

OCD Me... had to investigate - Columbo on the case... here are my findings.

Fact - Ten Commandments - from God - Sabbath Keep it Holy - #4 - We get…