My Quest

OK -  so this was not much of a Quest - more so in name.  After two failed attempts to find a place and time to pee for people that cared about my pee -  because they were getting paid to... I had success!  Quest Diagnostics!

I am starting a new job in January - that's usually a positive thing - and this is -  better expectations - money - etc.  But what I found somehow odd this time was the whole "Drug Testing" thing.

I've done it before - It's very 'normal' now for companies to test people for substance abuse - I am assuming it's illegal substances they check for. Okay - so maybe I had too much coffee - but while sitting there with the prescribed 'full bladder' - I had a brain fart.

Waiting for my turn-in of the urin - my brain began a churnin. 

So it's common practice today tto spend many thousands of dollars a year finding new people you want among all the rest of your current employees. But now you don't trust that they are not drug addicts? When did that trend start?  Did you not spend thousands of dollars finding and hiring them? Did you not ask them if they were addicts?  Is that politically incorrect other than through a drug test?

And if you go by the numbers, it's not the illegal drugs at all that cause so much workforce trauma.  Alcohol causes over $200 Billion in lost productivity each year.  One in ten working-age adults will die from alcohol. Why do we not screen for that? Would that not be more profitable?

Isn't it odd that as a society we allow such tremendous pain and harm right in front of us. People drug themselves with alcohol all week in social occasions. Why?  What need is there to self-medicate so much? Why do we ignore it?

The final oddity is for those that do NOT drug at all. Try going to to a company party and NOT do drugs like alcohol. You are considered odd. You need to self-medicate like the masses, or something is wrong with you, not the people ingesting the toxins.

So in the Quest for great employees - you can be totally intoxicated, stumbling drunk, completely incapable of working, and pass the 'drug test'.  But don;t try to drink at work even though it's legal - it's wrong!  Got all that?  A very odd place we live in. When Christ or visitors from another planet come - I will let everyone else explain all this -  I don't get it.

See you at work - Sober!  :-) 


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