Election 2016

First - Glad THAT's over....

Second - I lean Republican in my beliefs of less Federal Government - Small Business Friendly - but also have environmental and people concerns. I think National Healthcare of some sort is needed, only because the companies that run Healthcare are National - it's impossible and inefficient for them to navigate 50 sets of State Rules.

OK - Policy and preference aside - Results -  we all lost in this election. Just ask most any Kid, they are a great barometer of how stupid we adults are. I have teens - trust me.  Humility comes easy when I am with them!

So what did we elect - If you look at him literally - we elected a narcissist, bigoted, women fondling guy that wants to herd Mexicans back South and Muslims back East. He wants to undo everything that was done - and change all. Really upsetting - but really - I think it's all a lie.

What we really elected was a Salesman - a Showman - a Manipulator of the Media - and a guy playing "Trump the Game" (remember that?). A guy that knows every angle to get people to pay attention to him, a master at walking the line of insanity and brilliance.  I hope!  lol

Trump likes and lives reality TV - he's a fan of Pro Wrestling. It's all a show. Kinda disturbing - but hey - we all live a reality show - just most do not have cameras on us.

I Think of Politics now like extreme fighting - two people get into a ring - beat the crap out of each other - kinda disturbing to watch - and then at the end - one is the victor- they all shake hands and move on.

Personally - not my cup of tea.  I prefer intelligent discourse - a positive plan - a vision for the future - an outline that will support my serenity in this global platform... but that's lousy TV. Put the orange Faced guy with the whacky hair flapping his arms on the headlines... that's better ratings  - and more money.

Money - it's that simple... TV shows him - because they get ratings - money.  Mexican anguish - is from loss of jobs and money. Healthcare - money. Make America Great Again - is money.  Trump is Money - The Brand - The Gold Standard - he oozes Money - born with it - lost a lost - rebuilt - This win will help his Brand - great for sales in Trump Hotels. Money... Thurston Howell style!

Is he going to Herd Mexicans and Build a wall... doubt it - he will moderate that stance. Healthcare -  he's already back peddling - saying we should just fix the current system... we ALL knew that. Muslims to Morocco -  nah - that's expensive -bad for sales -  that will fall away.

In SALES - it's about winning the customer - do or say ANYTHING to get the deal signed - Then you can really get to work on the issues once you get behind their doors.  That is what I think Trump is... along with being a disturbingly entitled egomaniac that objectifies women. No rule against that in our Policies - and apparently we ARE a money focused economy. We apparently WILL look past personal issues- and low moral character for the American Dream... Money.  That disturbs my kids. Especially my Daughter.  Think about the message we just sent our young men and women. With Money - you can get away with anything.

In theory we are "One Nation Under God"... But "In God We Trust" - is on our Money.
Maybe it's time to separate that concept?  I love Bono and U2's line...
The God I believe in is not short of cash... Mister"... yeah  Mine too.


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