A spiritual Awakening described. Self-Transcendence Self Sacrifice. The self, melting away. Something triggers in some people - this change. It's an amazing experience. It is described by Bill Wilson the founder of AA. Spirituality is a key component to inner peace and success in many recovery programs. Having a sense of spirituality gives a person a sense of belonging. 

When we initiated the JUST SAY NO program, it started the fast acceleration of locking up the people who needed help the most. Removing them from the tribe of society,putting them into another tribe. One they find very hard to assimilate out of. We make matters worse, by releasing these people from Prison tribes, into isolation. These people feel alone re-entering society. They are scared, monitored, made felt less than worthy, not embraced back into the society tribe... and they fail. 

Modern Societ promotes self-medicating - and self-indulgence and flies against this growth. We incarcerate addicts - exacerbating this problem.. they are often lonely scared people without a tribe... and we make their problems WORSE by isolating them into prisons. We cut them off from any decent tribe, and force creations of different tribes behind the cell walls. Tribes of anger and pain and hurt.

In exploring our Tribal nature, we need Tribal experiences - Homo Duplex experience of the Tribe. The collective We need to understand our genetic make-up and gather in those that are lost - and scared - and self-medicating.

Recovery programs -and groups and societies provide them with a tribe. Fraternities, Churches - all mini Tribes. Understand this and understand people and humanity and how we are evolving. Stop texting and emailing - start talking - start meeting with people. It's a great experience.

Watch this Video for greater understanding of us as a speciesL


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