If we could drink Asbestos

In running SoberWorld.org one of the topics i read about almost daily is Alcohol and Laws. I see so many struggles. I see people looking for ways to have  laws help reduce harm. I also see people looking at ways around the laws to sell more alcohol and do more harm.

Alcohol (C2H6O) occurs naturally in rotting fruit and other organic matter. About 10,000 years ago, someone figured out how to replicate this, and we were off. It has become part of culture, folk society, and one of the first miracles in the Bible was Jesus making wine for a party. It HAS to be good... so lets drink more!

Zoom forward 9,900 or so years (about a century ago), and we in the USA tried making it illegal since excess in alcohol was hurting so many people in so many ways. Besides thousands dying, direct health issues, alcohol also impairs judgement both physically and mentally (why they give you free booze at casinos). With so many bad attributes, you would assume society would want to make this toxin illegal to produce and distribute. It kills so many people, destroys lives, it only makes sense to prohibit it. Right?

However, we forgot about one of the most important characteristics of alcohol. It is physically and psychologically and socially addictive. We crave it.

So let's zoom to today. 
Since prohibition, alcohol is legal to make, distribute, sell, tax, and consume with modest restraints of age only (to protect the children - the adults don't need protection apparently).

We now know
Alcohol attacks almost every organ immediately, it is a level one carcinogen, it causes cancer in multiple organs including the colon and breast tissue. It causes permanent brain damage in people under the age of 25 who drink to excess, making them more vulnerable to addiction. It is a leading side factor in heart failure. In its purest form, it is highly lethal to the human body. Very little will shut down your whole body permanently. But boy, we love it!

The growth of Alcohol sales has been exponential, and so have the problems.

Declines in spirituality, long-term marriages, morals. We have seen increases in incarcerations, toxic deaths, competition over tax revenue, types of alcohol, distribution points, hours of sale, licenses allowed, retail point-of-sale locations and more.

And it's all legal - because WE want it, LOTS OF IT!
In short, alcohol is everywhere, in every event, available 7 days a week for sale, most places over 10 hours a day. Businesses and our state governments rake in money, lots of it, and yet somehow they are legally disconnected from the death and destruction.

If we could drink Asbestos catch a buzz... would we be suing them?
How can they make toxic products that kill tens of thousands and destroy so much of our society, and not be held accountable?  How? Because we let them. Because we want it, because we are addicted.

Our Laws related to Alcohol control only money and societal direct harm. There are some advertising rules to protect children that are ineffective at best.

Laws will not enforce you to make common sense decisions about your health. Laws will not enforce a spiritual existence is a mentally peaceful. Laws will not enforce saving money by not drinking. Laws will not enforce you to have more intelligent conversations and more meaningful relations in a more sober existence.

Laws will not make your life better, only you can.

Don't look to the Laws to help us out of addiction and excessive alcohol. We all need to have a better understanding, and like cigarettes, provide more education. We need to enable people to be more informed, we need to help addicts and people trying to stop self-medicating. We need to understand the WHY question of the reason people are drinking so much.

Similar to cigarettes, when we the people decide to drink less through education, not through laws and enforcement, then we will have a more Sober World.


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