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My Quest

OK -  so this was not much of a Quest - more so in name.  After two failed attempts to find a place and time to pee for people that cared about my pee -  because they were getting paid to... I had success!  Quest Diagnostics!

I am starting a new job in January - that's usually a positive thing - and this is -  better expectations - money - etc.  But what I found somehow odd this time was the whole "Drug Testing" thing.

I've done it before - It's very 'normal' now for companies to test people for substance abuse - I am assuming it's illegal substances they check for. Okay - so maybe I had too much coffee - but while sitting there with the prescribed 'full bladder' - I had a brain fart.

Waiting for my turn-in of the urin - my brain began a churnin. 

So it's common practice today tto spend many thousands of dollars a year finding new people you want among all the rest of your current employees. But now you don't trust that they are not dr…

Unwritten Rules

Some kids were playing soccer - and a new kid comes along.  He'd never played before.  They said the rules were simple - don't touch the ball with your hands or arms - get it in the goal.  The new kid played along - but was not as skilled and went home frustrated.

The following day -  the new kid came back - with a trick- he knelt down, scooped the ball up with his shirt - into his belly, never touching it with his hands and arms, and ran to the goal with the ball under his shirt and dumped the ball in.

Everyone laughed and cheered as he did it, it was really funny to watch. And his goal won the game... or did it?  He missed the intent of the game. Technically he followed the rules, the ball never touched his hands. But he did not know about or care about all the unwritten rules. He did not play the game the way the other kids did as he saw them playing. That was too difficult.

Technically, the new kid got the goal... but soon after - the laughing stopped - no one was happy. …

Election 2016

First - Glad THAT's over....

Second - I lean Republican in my beliefs of less Federal Government - Small Business Friendly - but also have environmental and people concerns. I think National Healthcare of some sort is needed, only because the companies that run Healthcare are National - it's impossible and inefficient for them to navigate 50 sets of State Rules.

OK - Policy and preference aside - Results -  we all lost in this election. Just ask most any Kid, they are a great barometer of how stupid we adults are. I have teens - trust me.  Humility comes easy when I am with them!

So what did we elect - If you look at him literally - we elected a narcissist, bigoted, women fondling guy that wants to herd Mexicans back South and Muslims back East. He wants to undo everything that was done - and change all. Really upsetting - but really - I think it's all a lie.

What we really elected was a Salesman - a Showman - a Manipulator of the Media - and a guy playing "Trump the …


A spiritual Awakening described. Self-Transcendence Self Sacrifice. The self, melting away. Something triggers in some people - this change. It's an amazing experience. It is described by Bill Wilson the founder of AA. Spirituality is a key component to inner peace and success in many recovery programs. Having a sense of spirituality gives a person a sense of belonging. 
When we initiated the JUST SAY NO program, it started the fast acceleration of locking up the people who needed help the most. Removing them from the tribe of society,putting them into another tribe. One they find very hard to assimilate out of. We make matters worse, by releasing these people from Prison tribes, into isolation. These people feel alone re-entering society. They are scared, monitored, made felt less than worthy, not embraced back into the society tribe... and they fail. 

Modern Societ promotes self-medicating - and self-indulgence and flies against this growth. We incarcerate addicts - exacerbatin…

If we could drink Asbestos

In running one of the topics i read about almost daily is Alcohol and Laws. I see so many struggles. I see people looking for ways to have  laws help reduce harm. I also see people looking at ways around the laws to sell more alcohol and do more harm.

Alcohol (C2H6O) occurs naturally in rotting fruit and other organic matter. About 10,000 years ago, someone figured out how to replicate this, and we were off. It has become part of culture, folk society, and one of the first miracles in the Bible was Jesus making wine for a party. It HAS to be good... so lets drink more!

Zoom forward 9,900 or so years (about a century ago), and we in the USA tried making it illegal since excess in alcohol was hurting so many people in so many ways. Besides thousands dying, direct health issues, alcohol also impairs judgement both physically and mentally (why they give you free booze at casinos). With so many bad attributes, you would assume society would want to make this toxin illegal t…

Sober World for 2016

Jan 2016 marks the start of the fourth calendar year of complete chemical sobriety for me. In running Sober World I have opened over 3,000 Gmail search bots containing over 10,000 articles on various aspects of alcohol around the globe. I have written commented and shared many thousands on SoberWorldOrg and have a fun small following that I am growing slowly as I become more confident in what I am doing.

And really -  being sober for me has very little to do with alcohol. Intoxicated or Drunk? yes... but Sobriety is a state of mind to me.

Alcohol and Addiction as I understand it

Alcohol has been a part of our lives for thousands of years. Part of culture, trade. Wine was cultivated and traded as a commodity a very long time ago. The first miracle in the Bible performed by Jesus was essentially a 'Packy Run' to get booze for a wedding (Water into Wine). It is a part of every culture - good or bad is not for me to judge.

So what's different now?

In a word, Corporations. In t…