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Repeat Offenders

Interesting article read I found doing Sober World posts this morning. Understanding repeat DUI psychology and more importantly the behaviors and personalities behind them - excerpts from this article - quite good.

“There are some people who frankly don’t have a developed sense of empathy” (hmm lol)

“Alcohol impairs judgment and lessons inhibitions, so people who don’t intend to drive go out and have too much to drink and the lack of inhibition and poor judgment kicks in ... NONE of this is an excuse, and it’s important that we clarify that”

One day we will look a bit more seriously at what we unleashed over a century ago. Social reform is coming, already seeing it on Scotland and Ireland where the Alcohol abuse is so huge people are craving tougher laws and stiffer penalties - literally asking politicians for MORE controls and seeking an answer to WHY as a people they consume so much there. Whole countries in recovery.

I will not discourage the right to self medicate, however I enc…