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Parental Alienation, manipulation - on EITHER side of a divorce is hurtful, harmful. Friends have introduced me to professionals and groups for fathers. I am lucky to have developed a great program of support. This concept of self mutilation is thankfully foreign to me (now).

However, many dads (and moms) just get angry, hurt, self medicate and get depressed. In Sober World I see the suicide stats - almost 75% involve alcohol... countless millions of families are fueled into oblivion by 100% legal alcohol abuse.

Current family law allows for a lot of psychological abuse before DCF, Police and others will bother to get involved - mostly because of massive case loads.

The root cause for many of these issues?  You may want to loo at the massive alcohol production, marketing, distribution globally in the past century.  It is taking its toll.... Millions every year die from various causes... kids, teens, adults, seniors. Tens of millions more suffer in life... fiscal ruin, divorces, families torn... the list is long. All from toxic addictive Alcohol that we crave so much.

In recovery for almost 3 years - and founder of Sober World, I have to say - I love my simple honest spiritual life now... you feel your emotions a lot more... but that makes all of this all the more painful. I do what I can - when I can to learn and share.

Like Cancer, Cigarettes ... we will eventually change social attitudes towards alcohol. We WILL "Turn Down the Volume" when enough die every year that we actually ALL take notice. 3,3000,000 a year (as of 2014) is not quite enough yet for the media to get stirred up... yet.

There are so many positive benefits to the world supporting the initiatives of the World Health Organization to reduce NCD's by 2015. See some of them on the slide show at:

Get educated - it's a huge global issue that affects most families. Be a part of the solution. It will take time... 10 miles in -  10 miles out as they say.  Let's turn around!  :-)  pf


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