Bills Blend - Sober World

After about a year and a half of development;
I am beginning launch a passion of mine.

Bills Blend Coffee – Supporting a more Sober World – Simply Sells Coffee.
For Groups, Meetings, Churches, organizations…
and I am adding K-Cups Shortly and Retail will follow
as sales grow to supprt start up costs.

GET EDUCATED – There’s a LOT you don’t know about
Alcohol – and the impact on YOUR life… Taxes, Cancer,
Insurance Rates, impact on Kids … so much more!

www/  - Provides awareness of
the Global impact of Alcohol – and supports the
World Health Organization – in their efforts to
reduce Non Communicable Diseases – they are
Targeting Alcohol by 10% over the next 10 Years.

Over 500 Likes and Growing every week!  About
19 New Articles Posted EVERY DAY!  FB  SoberWorldOrg

Hang onto your seats – the facts are staggering!
Half a Trillion Dollars? That’s  $ 500,000,000.00

Working on The Mac One next – this is Just Launched…
follow the Facebook feeds on your Mobile Device Easily!

J  pf  

C • 860.573.0720


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