the announcer screamed ... 

That tense moment when an active thing is floating around and it is finally secured and given a more positive direction towards a goal...

Yeah -  you know me too well - this is not a football blog -  although I do love the Steelers - and it was good to watch Ben in recovery a few years ago -  drunk and very publicly humiliated - his family, his team kicked his butt a bit - now he has his better direction after he fumbled in a big way. He hurt his team, franchise, fans and more, humbled in a big (Ben) way - he is recovering from those mistakes. He learned and moved on.

Recovery can be quick and easy to get - or -...

People trip and recover before falling, bumble a fragile object and catch it before it breaks - we say 'great recovery'... we've done that ourselves - sometime successfully - or not.

People catch the flu, and we wish them a speedy recovery. We've 'been there' most likely, understand the pain - can have empathy - no one wants to puke from the flu... you from the bottom of your heart (and stomach) offer sincere recovery - you've probably been there - done that - not fun!

Broken bones, cancer, surgeries ... you may not have that experience - but they are 'normal occurrences. You can empathize in that there are places to go you know and specific processes and pre-determined outcomes that are public, known, we talk about them in the office, in church. You can discuss them freely because they are 'open' topics.

What about Addiction Recovery? With an anonymous society - some sort of weird spiritual solution that we hear about, no public causes or walks or national telethons to donate to ... yet Alcohol is the third largest killer on this planet and costs the US over $500.000.000.000 annually dealing with it.

It's partially because of the culture promoting "fun drinking"... to escape - to relax. We believe that is a right thing to do - anxiety? Self medicate with wine - Job Stress? Go have a beer. The Holiday season promotes it heavily - gift bottles - gift glass/booze sets. But some people have a LOT of stress - every day. and they feel the need to Self Medicate - Every day, not just the holidays.

By the numbers -  

There are over 20,000,000 people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction today - that's almost 10% of the population.  Another 20,000,000 plus drink too much today according to the CDC - and their healthy is at serious risk... cancer, heart, and more.

They didn't recover from Drinking ...

They made adjustments in their life, dealt with fears and anxieties, corrected situations - made life changing commitments often times to live more spiritually, to live outside of self, to help others. They recognized the problem - their self medicating (escape) - took corrective action - and fixed it... personally -  quietly. Very few offered well wishes of a quick recovery like the flu, bacause they have no experience -  or do they??

2/3 Of Americans are Impacted Directly by Addiction Problems....

I see these numbers -  the most impressive is the 3.300.000 that died this past year - that's one every ten seconds. There is so much more impacted - Prisons, legal, marriages, kids, fiscal, businesses... see for a look into what we could be doing better. In some way, some family member, some occurrence - you have been impacted; even if it's just your higher medical rates, property taxes and car insurance rates - they are all higher because of this global problem.

Want to understand Recovery from addiction a bit better?  A great video about a large movement underfoot can be seen at

I hope you don't trip, fall, get the flu, cancer or addiction...
it's great to recover - it's better to prevent.  :-)  pf


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