I knew it first as simply the capital of one of the smallest states with not much to claim for fame or glory. A place to pass through on the way to a more desirable location.

In a time of emotional darkness - the physical location of Providence became a personal refuge of love and hope. I gained understanding of independence, and the start of a journey into a new life of spirituality. I learned from someone strong enough to let me go ... as hard as that was ... letting go was the only way to free me from decades of ignorance and a helped to eliminate void that was consuming me.

 In celebrating Thanksgiving ... the compound word of Thanks and Giving.... yes, it is a thanks for giving. It is through giving that we receive the most in life. In the past few days, I have heard dozens of stories of gratitude. All shared the commonality of a deep sense of spirituality - and a different "Providence" ... the protective care of God as a spiritual power.

That pure spirituality requires no buildings, books or bully pulpits. It is freely given to all, if we are willing to accept it - and give thanks by practicing Thanks in Giving. In doing service for others, one learns humility, respect and empathy. A deeper understanding and respect evolves, which promotes tolerance, patience and love.

Living in "providence", the spiritual state of mind all the time is difficult. It is so easy to take back ones own desires, fall to the desires of your own ego, and fall to the influences of the day and be distracted from the path. But when you can pull back, and let go... it's quite the fun and enlightening experience - worldly pressures don't go away, but they become almost comical in the grand scheme of things.

The start of my voyage of discovery I am on now began in Providence physically ... and I hope it ends in Providence spiritually. A nice place to live.  Happy ThanksGiving.


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