A friend of mine was going back for an additional degree and a career change after her divorce. She had (3) night classes , and spent many hours doing projects and studying for classes. That made sense to her, but she seemed puzzled by all of my nighttime activities, non official academia ... she is right - I am involved in a lot of different things.

However - when I stepped back to analyze myself as I do often... I realized how similar our lives really were. It's all about learning.

We were both involved in getting educated in aspirations of helping others, Hers is a much more formalized program, designed along a specific goal and career path. Mine... well a lot more ad-hoc.. towards an eventual gradual career change, but when you look at what I am doing as a diverse curriculum of education, it's actually remarkably similar and very positive.

Here is my LifeSkule cirriculum -  5 Classes Right Now
Advanced Introspection  405
Gain experience from the experienced in this one hour open discussion on life matters. Real life sharing and applications. Course keys off a daily read and an open topic discussion and forum follows after a quick interpretation. Meets Weekly Sunday - 10-11  WRC - Main Lecture Hall
Criminal Reconstitution  (Lab) 911 
Hands on meeting in a real SuperMax prison facility. Meet real long term convicts, ear there stories of societal pressures and failed systems that left them incarcerated. Hear their acknowledgement of their part in wrong-doing and share in their experience, strength and hope in recovery from addiction of drugs and alcohol and their vision for the future. Meets 1st Wed MacDougal Campus
Intermediate Social Studies  307
Similar to Advanced Introspection - Shared experienced in this one hour open discussion on life matters. This is more granular, dealing with the day-to-day issues in work and dealing with others in a positive way reflecting on your own actions. Meets M-F 530-630 - Flex Schedule - Suggested minimum 2 classes a week. WRC - Main  Lecture Hall
Board Meeting Basics and Beyond (Lab)  301
Experience the thrill of being on a Board of Directors in this real life scenario. Be a part of shaping the future of a local support facility, learn the interactions of various members, budgets, goal setting, purchasing protocols, and by-law and grant writing basics. Meets 4th Monday 7PM WRC - Main Lecture Hall
Music - Performing Arts  Advanced 401
Take your individual instrument and experience the dynamics - musically and interpersonal - in a real life band setting, All aspects from Song acquisition, collaboration, performance creation, to the fundamentals of band marketing, time and people management. Not for the faint of heart. Many long hours and little pay potential in this field ... but the emotional rewards can be staggering in the right environment.  Meets 1x a week ...usually - somewhere - Performances 1-2x a Month - somewhere. Schedule TBD by Members - Good luck with that! 
I won't get a degree, or make a fundamental career change because of all my 'schooling... but I am happy that I watch very little TV and am enjoying life to it's fullest right now in my LifeSkule, learning so much and meeting so many great people a few nights a week beyond my day job.

Seem like lot?  Not really - well over 2/3 of my nights are free for even more fun and frolic! A lot less than her degree program and NO HOMEWORK - NO TESTS!!

I guess my point is life can be educational (even without a large tuition) and fun if you can turn off the TV and walk out the front door every once in a while! Stay active, stay involved in your communities!  


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