Health and Denial

This could be a book ... a career.

In my role as publications printer, we see a lot of health and wellness magazines, promoting healthy living and lifestyles. Many of them target women's health. A female friend in her 40's on the dating circuit recently shared with me how it seems women in that age range seem to take better care of themselves.. (Due to more reading of the healthy magazines I print and less sports TV I guess?,,, just saying guys -  get off the couch!)

In my role running, the educational side of Bills Blend Coffee, I see the devastating global impact of alcohol on women's health. I felt compelled to share a few observations...

In looking at Men / VS / Women statistics on excessive drinking habits, something popped out. Many countries where women are still oppressed show large signs of alcohol abuse in women, but the men didn't even make the chart. Arabic countries, Africa ... very high alcohol abuse among women, I would assume due to life stress in oppression. Psychological and physical torment and pain, driving the need for more medication.

So let's call a spade a spade. Booze is toxic, it attacks pretty much every organ in the body when ingested, it disrupts your central nervous system, causing all sorts of weird feelings. But hell, it's really fun in moderation. Escaping from a stress day, cutting back, releasing stress and inhibitions a bit... not so bad right? ... Well...

Many links are becoming very solid, tying drinking directly to not only liver cancer, but many others including breast cancers. So the days of the Wine and Cheese benefit dinners for Cancer Awareness may become an oxy-moron. Kinda like have a Cigar club for the Lung Cancer society.

As a culture in the US, we legalize the liquid drug called alcohol. Dope is on the edge ... addictive cigarettes are legal... and lethal.  We nake available the things that kill us slowly, and the states reap huge Tax revenues from the sale, the marketing, even the legal issues and incarcerations created by booze sales..

Meanwhile society, kids, families, relationships suffer. Many thousands of Moms die each year from Alcohol addiction and toxicity and cancers.

One of the most disturbing FaceBook sites I found was "Moms who Need Wine" last I looked over 600,000 blatantly addicted mothers of children gladly admitting they 'need' drugs to cope with being a parent.Mired in the pretense of 'elegant' consumption in goblets and co-mingled with fine cuisines. But they "Need" it ... where is the dis-like button on FaceBook.

What I try to do in Sober World is simply educate... show the global impact of alcohol and on lives, and society and even the huge fiscal downside of excessive consumption in terms of lost productivity.

Today I will see women in their 20's through their 60's all struggling with addiction. Many have lost dear friends, families, relationships because of what we promote on every street corner in every town in the country and all across the globe.

I pray that this blog touches a few, and changes maybe a few habits ... it's a completely selfish topic for me... I am a guy, and I like you women healthy and alive and annoying me with all your common sense and wisdom and caring. :-)


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