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Health and Denial

This could be a book ... a career.

In my role as publications printer, we see a lot of health and wellness magazines, promoting healthy living and lifestyles. Many of them target women's health. A female friend in her 40's on the dating circuit recently shared with me how it seems women in that age range seem to take better care of themselves.. (Due to more reading of the healthy magazines I print and less sports TV I guess?,,, just saying guys -  get off the couch!)

In my role running, the educational side of Bills Blend Coffee, I see the devastating global impact of alcohol on women's health. I felt compelled to share a few observations...

In looking at Men / VS / Women statistics on excessive drinking habits, something popped out. Many countries where women are still oppressed show large signs of alcohol abuse in women, but the men didn't even make the chart. Arabic countries, Africa ... very high alcohol abuse among women, I would assume…