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State vs State

In doing some research for a site I run, I came across an article about Casino's in PA. They were talking about loosening controls, cutting costs by reducing the amount of police, and allowing liquor sales well past 2AM in the morning.

Along with keeping people drunk longer, they wanted more freedom to allow greater cash advances, cash 3rd party checks easier and allow more access for people to get money they can't afford to spend, while under the influence of alcohol, almost 24/7.

They were doing this, citing declines in profitability due to competing states Casino's which had easier laws. Apparently thinking nothing of the people and their health and well being.

Our States are KILLING us!

In the US - collectively, well over 80,000 people a year die from alcohol related illnesses. That number grows substantially when you add in motor vehicle deaths. The fiscal tool is well over 224 Billion dollars in the US annually.

In my state, the sale of alcohol has slowly crept from…