A great album by one of my favorite bands - a turning point in their history where they stuck to their principles and beliefs and said screw you to the record producers, and did what they felt was right.

They produced another side lone story of a guy who fought against the establishment - I won't give away the ending - but as a band -  they won ... huge!

It makes me wonder what a century forward and what 2112 will actually look like. how much more we will evolve ... before we go there -  lets look back.

1912 - a short century or so ago ... we were not very bright ... first world war was starting, women were 2nd class citizens, we drank soda made with cocaine and doused our kids with Mrs Wilson's syrup to get them to sleep - made with pure morphine. Frontal lobotomies were common. Blacks and other minorities had next to zero rights and were heavily oppressed.

But we thought we were brilliant -  cars, airplanes, electricity industry ... so much more. we were MUCH better off than 1812... another century before where we had horses and buggies and none of the slick new items.

The people in 1912 looked back at 1812 and laughed and were amazed at how primitive life was...
in 2012 we are amazed at how primitive life was in 1912...

So what about 2112 ... what will THEY look back at us - all dead by then ... and say - what the hell were they thinking? What today are we doing that when you look at it in hind site?

Keurig cups come to mind ... when they un-earthing many billions of those little buggers still in perfect shape. Plastic bottles, especially water... and the debris field the size of Texas in the Pacific ocean that everyone is ignoring comes to mind. I'm thinking fossil fuels will pretty much be secondary - and the Prius will be like the Model T of today. Lawyers and lawsuits, no one seems to care how much they make and how it affects our medical premiums... health care revolution in general... will we look like barbaric butchers to them? 'Energy Drinks' I'm sure will be on the WTH list -  all that sugar and volumes of caffeine! Fast food of today - please may it go away in the future. Global warming and other environmental nightmares like nuclear rods - and so much more.

I wonder about Drugs and Alcohol -  how much worse it will get before people start to get upset. 2.5 Million a year die today from alcohol alone... what's the magic number -  5 Million? 10 Million ... before we start to look at that problem. Someday they will figure out that if you attack the root cause of WHY people drink themselves into oblivion - instead of laws reacting to it... it will get better. May that day come soon. (Here's a hint - most people with well balanced family life, good jobs and strong spirituality don't need to self medicate).

I pray they do not have to reflect on any more world wars ... two were plenty.

Suffice to say -  we are idiots already in the eyes of those from 2112.... maybe we can start to work today on fixing some of those things? They can look back and say - remember when about 100 years ago someone started a great positive change with a simple idea ... Edison - Bell - Einstein - Gates - ML King ... it's been done before.


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