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A great album by one of my favorite bands - a turning point in their history where they stuck to their principles and beliefs and said screw you to the record producers, and did what they felt was right.

They produced another side lone story of a guy who fought against the establishment - I won't give away the ending - but as a band -  they won ... huge!

It makes me wonder what a century forward and what 2112 will actually look like. how much more we will evolve ... before we go there -  lets look back.

1912 - a short century or so ago ... we were not very bright ... first world war was starting, women were 2nd class citizens, we drank soda made with cocaine and doused our kids with Mrs Wilson's syrup to get them to sleep - made with pure morphine. Frontal lobotomies were common. Blacks and other minorities had next to zero rights and were heavily oppressed.

But we thought we were brilliant -  cars, airplanes, electricity industry ... so much more. we were MUCH better off tha…