Neknominate is the new on-line craze I guess you would call it.
I call it crazy.

A rough description: A kid - usually college, dares another to drink an amount of booze, they video tape it and put it on YouTube. Basically a lot of the stupidity found in college dorms, and frat houses, now posted on an escalated global scale with equally large pressure to 'perform'.

The wires announced a fifth kid died from it this weekend, after guzzling a few pints of Gin and claiming 'who's the boss?'.

Ego pumped testosterone filled young bucks under the peer pressure of global eyes to drink to the point of near death, and in five cases as of this writing, a little beyond near death. Over 1500 College kids die each year already due to alcohol related causes. They don't need global encouragement and enticing.

One of the first things I saw coming in over the wires too was a "call for legislation" controlling YouTube, Putting filters on things like this, not allowing it. In my opinion, we have plenty of laws we can't enforce already. Attempted suicide, derelict behavior, drunken and disorderly... I am sure there are many more.  And putting filters on YouTube is like hauling out Outlook for allowing people to send nasty emails.  It's not the software, it's the people using it.

The Wrong "ATION"....
Simply changes "Legisl" with s more simple and effective "Edu"

Education: Teach these kids about the chemistry of C2H60 - Ethyl Alcohol 

  Chemistry: A natural fit -  the compound, it's properties - the variations
  Biology: How it affects and attacks every organ, how the body fights off this toxin
  Sociology: How did alcohol become so pervasive in our society
 Global Studies: 2.5 Million people dire prematurely every year on this planet - Where? Why?
  Psychology: The addictive nature of alcohol, use as a coping tool in a bad way
  Political Science: The money behind alcohol, lobbyists and the politicians
  Legal: All of the laws, court impact (divorces, death, accidents) around alcohol
  History: Prohibition - why it failed 4,000 years ago and again 80 years ago
  Economics: In the US alcohol costs $224 Billion of Dollars annually - How? Why?

If we're going to sell it on every street corner, why not teach out kids about it in school? The world that they were born into.

I'm sure there are more, but the point is, let's learn from these kids lives. Let's enhance the quality and challenge the kids of the future to "Turn Down the Volume"

ps -  you can help by not watching these dumb videos... people generally don't perform large acts of stupidity for small crowds


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