If I were to describe this past two years it was like "transforming" From a ugly green caterpillar who eats toxic leaves and spews brown crud ... To a much more appealing creature that floats above all that, flutters away from it and sees things in a whole new way.

I won't bore you with life as that green slug, the were lots of great moments, but a lot of toxins ingested crawling slowly along the way.

This past year started off with a wonderful awakening of a spirit that I had shunned for various reasons for decades. It brought with is a peace and calmness that I have never experienced before, like walking into the eye of a hurricane where all around you there is chaos, but your area is awash in sunshine and calm.

I have been blessed with many tools to help me carry that calm with me, wherever I go. From that brightly lit center, I now see many things a lot different. I look at what is "normal" around me, and discover that it is not normal at all.

I have changed my self centered focus inside out to a focus on those around me. I am aware of so much need now in this world that I could not see as that green slug chewing toxic leaves from within a single tree. Now I see the forest, the valleys and mountains beyond.

In helping others, getting involved, I have found rewards that I never dreamed of. I have re ignited passion for things like music, and been given a tool to share in a positive way with others my calmness, my serenity, in a very loud way! lol

The Bills Blend coffee company I started will keeps me 'grounded' (did I just type that?) in reality, meeting with people in prisons and rehab clinics, helping me remember my days in the trees.

A new thing I am working on is an  educational movement called This will bring to light the "things that other people choose not to see" to quote the the movie Patch Adams. The goal of this is to simply educate, and allow people to make better informed decision. Millions dying, billions of lives affected, and we permit and endorse it.

My flight has really just begun. So many positive changes, so much joy and hope to spread. Every day except one is a Happy un-Thanksgiving. I give thanks and humbly remember my gratitude list. I glance at the forest often, stop by a branch to rest up, and remember when.

As I fly off, I know not my destination yet, but as in the Hobbit movie, the journey is much more exciting than the destination. So many wonderful people and lessons and courage learned along the way.

A very safe and happy and joyous New Year to you all.



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