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What I've learned

Oh sure, I've got lots of great dramatic details about drinking, my medical miracle, how I'm alive today. That's old news.

October 20th, 2012 was a turning point in my life. I didn't know it then, I had no idea the tremendous things to come.

I'd like to first thank all the wonderful medical staff who worked tirelessly with this old carcass, and breathed some life back into it. They nurtured an ember that has grown into a strong flame.

Below are some random bullets of things I've learned over the past year, just thought I'd share for fun:

• Sobriety has little to do with stopping drinking. It is a calm, highly lucid, caring and sensitive state of mind.

• A Chinese emperor tried enacting prohibition about 4,000 years ago. This is not a new problem.

• 80,000 people die each year from alcohol related medical issues. Liver failure, cancers. This is more than twice the amount killed by Breast Cancer. (Maybe the NFL players can start wearing little pink thigh fla…