What is sustainability? This little visual I found on the web tries to explain it all ... in my opinion it may be just a teeny tiny bit confusing? Maybe a candidate for that "Death by PowerPoint Presentation?

For me it's a great buzz word for what should be simple common sense and doing the right thing.

For example, in starting up my coffee business, the first question I heard was are you going to do K-Cups? My first thought was sure! Simple, easy to use, clean, efficient ... but then I thought about, expensive, wasteful of resources, huge additional carbon footprint and a recycling and waste management disaster.

I can only imagine people excavating our trash a thousand years from now and seeing tens of millions of those little things and saying 'what the hell were they thinking ... were they that lazy and ADD that they couldn't make a pot of coffee, and recycle a paper filter?

Sustainability is everywhere, it's not just a business buzz. It's your health ... mental and physical. It's your relationships, personal, work, spiritual and more. It's your environment ... physical things, noise, clutter, waste. And yes, renewable energy, recycling ... all good things too.

An easy way to integrate this? Just ask yourself constantly ... should I really be doing this? Is it a good thing? How can I help change it, if it's not.

I will be blogging again in about a week - that's a sustainable level of activity, it's a fun creative way for me to share, I hope you think it's a good thing! pf


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