The Band ...

The Band .... The BAND ... THE BAND!!!

What a great scene from a fun movie about a couple of guys trying to do some good for something they believed in. 

I've been blessed recently with being brought into a fun Band that has a similar mission -  to have fun playing music, and do it to help benefit local causes and charitable events, family style for the most part. 

This breaks tradition a bit with what I learned growing up on the 70's and 80's, where as a Bass player, partying was pretty much expected, selfish behavior was promoted and wild chemically influenced antics were laughed at and encouraged. I guess my last band of 25 years ago called "Drunken Stupor" didn't quite make the Top 40 hit list.

The Band T.I.M.E. that I'm in is great -  but how I got there is even better.

This year has been an education for me in the value of helping others. I've finally figured it out that all the great stuff I did for so many companies and in life, I did not do alone, I had help - lots of it.. 

Soooo...   lavish dose of humility and a few servings of humble pie later ... I find myself donating time flipping burgers for a local charity. It was there another volunteer blurted out a concern about a friend ... who has a band ... needs a Bass payer ... I blurted back ... I play Bass ... and off it went.

But it's the fact that I was there, that I decided to help ... that I looked on the web site -  that I saw a need -  that I sent an e-mail -  that I went there and cooked for weeks, having fun - learning, meeting people... then came the opportunity.

So without the effort, the caring, the giving, I would not be receiving the blessing of this group and all the fun we've just started to have, and so much more we want to do.

It's about in helping and giving in which we receive; so on my site - I ask ..  "How can I help?


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