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The Band ...

The Band .... The BAND ... THE BAND!!!
What a great scene from a fun movie about a couple of guys trying to do some good for something they believed in. 
I've been blessed recently with being brought into a fun Band that has a similar mission -  to have fun playing music, and do it to help benefit local causes and charitable events, family style for the most part. 
This breaks tradition a bit with what I learned growing up on the 70's and 80's, where as a Bass player, partying was pretty much expected, selfish behavior was promoted and wild chemically influenced antics were laughed at and encouraged. I guess my last band of 25 years ago called "Drunken Stupor" didn't quite make the Top 40 hit list.
The Band T.I.M.E. that I'm in is great -  but how I got there is even better.

This year has been an education for me in the value of helping others. I've finally figured it out that all the great stuff I did for so many companies and in life, I did not do al…