Just Thanks

I'd like to take a quick moment to give some thanks and express gratitude to a few companies. I am launching a company, the first one I have ever done. The goal of this company is to help others, specifically those entering into recovery from alcohol.

Along the way I have met many new people, and when they learned of this new idea, the outpouring of help was rather humbling, encouraging and I am grateful for it all.

I won't divulge names here, but I will identify services and support ...

My technology company - always within moments - a human pick up the phone, and they do whatever it takes to resolve my technology issues.

My lawyer - called me for the first time after 6pm at night - we spoke for nearly half an hour. He shared some personal experiences within the firm related to my cause. He is being very thorough and getting me accounting support too.

My bank - The local branch took over an hour with me, reviewing the business plan, the opportunities, helped me acquire my EIN tax number. After that I was connected with a small business consultant, they are helping me in many ways to this day.

My Coffee Vendor - just great - I met with the owners on the first day, they are very supportive in every way and as a business give back to other causes already.

Also SCORE for taking the time to review my business plan, the Chamber for guiding me a bit .. and friends and family who listen to my blabber about 42/2 packs, merchant accounts and watch me spend long hours hunched over my laptop -  writing and re-writing my business plan about fifteen times.

We are in Beta this week - and I am quietly pushing the ship from the dock on July 20th - my business launch date. My personal 9th month of recovery. It has all been a wonderful experience.

Lots more to do -  but off to a good start, thanks to all that helped and will help.




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