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Just Thanks

I'd like to take a quick moment to give some thanks and express gratitude to a few companies. I am launching a company, the first one I have ever done. The goal of this company is to help others, specifically those entering into recovery from alcohol.

Along the way I have met many new people, and when they learned of this new idea, the outpouring of help was rather humbling, encouraging and I am grateful for it all.

I won't divulge names here, but I will identify services and support ...

My technology company - always within moments - a human pick up the phone, and they do whatever it takes to resolve my technology issues.

My lawyer - called me for the first time after 6pm at night - we spoke for nearly half an hour. He shared some personal experiences within the firm related to my cause. He is being very thorough and getting me accounting support too.

My bank - The local branch took over an hour with me, reviewing the business plan, the opportunities, helped me acquire my E…

Full Ride

I'm not sure what happened this morning. I woke early, in mild pain from a long bike ride from yesterday, and I decided to do more this morning. Sunglasses on, music set to randomly entertain me from over 800 selections ... I'm on my way.

Let me preface the rest of this -  I have a wide variety of musical tastes ....

I started the ride by welling up in tears. The first song was Peter Gabriel - Wallflower. It's about being incarcerated - I think in war, but basically being held against ones will, and the physical and mental cost, and a message to hold on. I spoke of recovery at a prison earlier this week, my first time ever speaking ... locked up with about two dozen long term convicts, maximum security. I thought of them, their struggles, and said a little prayer for them to 'hold on'.

Then Garth Brooks comes on and is reminding me to tell those that you love - to do so, say I love you, for tomorrow may never come. Morbid thought, typical dramatic Country western,…