Learning from Cats

My dad has been taking care of some 'wild' cats for years now. He enjoys a few moments daily, feeding them, watching them play. He justifies the expense by saying that they take care of the mice, of which he has never had a problem before. We all know that's a farce, and smile when he says that. He loves his cats.

Once in a while, I get the opportunity to feed them. Recently, one of the cats had kittens, so I got to feed the mother and four kitties.

     I learned a lot that morning.

I approached the feed bowls, the kittens scampered, the mother stayed, crouching, growling and hissing at me as I prepared their food. I decided to sit nearby and watch them eat. Mom continued to make noises at me, but eventually settled down. A few of the kittens bounded in willingly, unsure as to why mom was upset, and readily willing to have a morning meal.

I sat quietly as they all calmed down. They ate, played a little near me eventually, and then ran off to find better and more exciting things.

How often do we do good deeds for others, only to be greeted with growling and mistrust. And what of the kittens who had no preconceived notions of threats, where they willingly ran to the bowls, and accepted the offering that had been there every day before.

Yes, there was something new there, bit wasn't he the person who just put out the food for me?

There are many loving and caring people in life who want to help. Like the mother cat, proceed with caution, but accept the help, advice and support if you need it. We are better in groups by nature, and the individual ego can get in the way of making things better for everyone. Give and accept help often if you can.

Anyone need a kitten? They are great teachers!


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