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Finding the Good People

Once a year, my local Chamber of Commerce takes the time to recognize a few people that have served the community in different ways with fun awards.

These are the people that have quietly and humbly done the right thing over their careers, always focused on the people, great events and especially pitching in to help others whenever they could.
The event itself is no small feat, a group of people work hard on a theme, and fulfilling that theme with props, content, signage and even fun songs to support the roasting of the awards winners. the people who put this great evening on deserve awards themselves.
And the recipients of all the top awards all tend to have one thing in common ... they don't want it.
They don't want the recognition, the glory, the accolades, the spotlight. Their first instinct is when will this damn dinner be over and when can I get back to work. Quite frankly, the event is more for those in the audience, to aspire to a greater level.
I won't mention the…

Learning from Cats

My dad has been taking care of some 'wild' cats for years now. He enjoys a few moments daily, feeding them, watching them play. He justifies the expense by saying that they take care of the mice, of which he has never had a problem before. We all know that's a farce, and smile when he says that. He loves his cats.

Once in a while, I get the opportunity to feed them. Recently, one of the cats had kittens, so I got to feed the mother and four kitties.

     I learned a lot that morning.

I approached the feed bowls, the kittens scampered, the mother stayed, crouching, growling and hissing at me as I prepared their food. I decided to sit nearby and watch them eat. Mom continued to make noises at me, but eventually settled down. A few of the kittens bounded in willingly, unsure as to why mom was upset, and readily willing to have a morning meal.

I sat quietly as they all calmed down. They ate, played a little near me eventually, and then ran off to find better and more exciting…