Fake Death, Real Death

Many thanks to all involved with the production at Windsor High School yesterday. the "Broken Promises" school group produced a very realistic reenactment of a crash between two High School cars, filled with kids headed to the prom. I will let the below video speak for itself, it was no small effort.

Just a note. Many of those 'responding' to this fake accident had to miss the rehearsal, responding to a real fatal  accident instead. A young woman rear ended a truck nearby, and was killed. No skid marks, apparently a distracted driver for some reason. The truck's real axle was near her rear seat. I talked with one of the teen aged volunteer fire fighters, first on the scene, his only comment was that he hoped this event would prevent other drunk and distracted accidents. I was amazed at this young mans poise after just witnessing a horrific death just a few hours earlier.

Please take time to watch the below video and thank the school and all the professionals involved with this production. Please drive safe in every way.

May 10th Accident Scene re-enactment at Windsor High School.

YouTube Video LINK


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