Three for Fore

I'm using this spot this week to give a shameless plug to three worthwhile Golf Tournaments (if there is such a thing) I'm helping out with. I just love these shameless excuses to go for a long walk and write it off.

In chronological order they are ...

June 2nd -  Sunday  - The Clubs Open - supporting the Windsor Recovery Club, a place for those struggling with Alcohol to go to learn how to overcome this disease for a better life. Go to  for more information.I created the web site and other print marketing materials for this event. I'll be at Oak Ridge come golf day with Camera in hand.


June 17th -  Monday  - The WCC/Rotary Golf Tournament - supporting the Windsor Chamber of Commerce where I have volunteered my services over the years and also the Windsor/Windsor Locks Rotary. Both great groups that do so much for the region. Go to the web site at  for more information.I'll be doing a bit of peripheral work and photography for this event. Maybe a video like I did for the Chamber back in 2009 -  its fun - Golf Rehab


June 20th -  Thursday  - The Rivals Series - supporting the the Susan G. Komen effort for raising funds to fight Breast Cancer. This is a fun event featuring alumni from the Boston and New York famous baseball teams I can't mention.  Go to  for more information.I created the web site and other marketing materials for this event. I'll be at The Lake of Isles  come golf day with Camera in hand and Red Sox Hat on!

This last event caught us off guard - and reminded me that this is VERY real. We were approved to use the below video for the Web site, but I had to pull it. Bridget died recently from complications from her cancer. My prayers for her family. I think she would want this video shared. RIP Bridget. You are still inspiring.

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