Hold that note ...

I had a few hours of enjoyment last night, listening to an amazing group of young men. They are all members of a singing group called Ithacappella, students of Ithaca College, located  somewhere, in nowhere New York.

The room was amazingly electric with energy, the music was phenomenal; from there it only got even better.

This night was the farewell show for four of the Seniors of the group. There were musical roasts from the underclassmen, done with flair, fun and frivolity, and retorts from the upperclassmen which started somber and smooth and finished in a barber shop style quartet that did nothing less than kick some butt musically. They sounded like a full ensemble coming from just four mouths.

Sprinkled through the evening were emotional and tender stories of leaving, remembering the effort put in,  sharing of long hours, new friendships, sweat, and for one senior, even overcoming a traumatic injury from an accident along the process.

This group is a testament to what a few young men can do to make their lives, and the lives around them better. They shared their talent, gratitude and emotions, and the only regret from one senior was that he didn't audition for the group earlier in his academic life.

I applaud off of the gentleman, from my feet and wish them well.  Below is their signature closing song which I think is perfect. It is a Good Bye that shows how they did, and will, have fun with life and love of friends. Their wonderful music will always go with them, along with these memories, one day at a time. Enjoy Gentlemen. Job well done.

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