Where's the damn bread?

Last week, I was traveling back from some errands with my father, about ready to have lunch with both my parents. We decided to grab some fresh bread on the way and stopped at a grocery store that neither of us was familiar with.

We walked in, to our right were bagels and donuts… Close, but not a loaf of fresh bread like we were looking for. My dad thought the bread was at the other end of the front of the store, so we walked over there (this was a large grocery store. We found only prepackaged breads, no fresh bakery bread.
Deciding to hold true to mail tradition, we refused to admit defeat, refused to ask for direction, and proceeded to walk the whole perimeter of the store in a quest for bread.
We eventually found in the back right corner a wonderful selection of fresh baked loaves, made our selection and headed to the checkout. Being near lunchtime, this area was very busy, and that the 15 and under item aisle was well attended. The woman in front of us had a card with 14 1/2 items in it, she looked at us with her one loaf of bread and motioned for us to get in front of her. Before we could move, a cashier lunged into motion in the very next aisle and like a quarterback signaled for us, loaf of bread talked like a football in my father's arms for a speedy checkout.

In recounting the store episode to my mother over lunch, I noticed my fathers main story focused only on the frustrations of having traversed the whole store and search for bread. My thoughts were on the unselfish woman in line with the 14 1/2 items who was first, aware of her surroundings, not focused on herself, and willing to put others ahead of her. I also noticed the cashier who recognized a need, and quickly offered her services to help.
Same experiences, same time, same situation, with different perceptions of the event. It's not the frustrations in getting your loaves of bread, but rather the people that helped you along the way, with awareness and willingness to put others before themselves.
And yes, maybe asking someone where the bread was in the store would've been a great idea. But that's a 'guy thing', not likely to change any time soon.

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