So many clocks, so little time

Well, it's that time of year again. The hunt for clocks is on, and time is running against us.I estimate that I spend about an hour a year moving clocks in my life back-and-forth. If I live to be 80, that's almost 2 weeks worth of work vacation I wasted on changing clocks. Time well spent?

It's amazing the amount of clocks and time pressure that we put on ourselves. Clocks in the bathroom, clocks in the kitchen, clocks in the family room, clocks in your car, clock on your wrist, clock in your phone, clock in your computer… Does anyone know what time it is? I do, it's time to get rid of some of these damn clocks.
Why is a there a clock on a coffee maker? If it's time to make coffee, you know it. You don't need an LED readout of what the real-time is, it's coffee time. Someone along the would be a good idea to put a wake-up timer and have the coffee maker be an alarm clock and start making coffee for you in the morning. Dumb idea. Half the fun of making coffee is walking out half awake, and going through the motions of filters, scoops, water and waiting. Then the aroma…, The fruit of your 1st morning's labor begins to permeate the room, and the anticipation of the 1st brew. Do we need a clock to help with that?
Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being on time, time management, budgeting time, quality time, personal time and time well spent. That's why I'm an a mission to eliminate every superfluous clock that I own.
I am going to set my clock's ahead 1 hour as mandated by law once again. This Spring, I am also  going to set my personal timer even further ahead, an extra  30 minutes. This time will be spent every morning organizing my day, my thoughts, my priorities, and reminding myself that time is precious and how to best use the time wisely for that day.
So,  to save time, eliminate all those clocks with the annoying tick tock, those that add stress like the one next to your bathroom mirror, reminding you you're running late. Enjoy your hours and  days, make the best of your time, one day at a time.

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