Good ISMs and Bad ISMs

I recently discovered that alcoholism has been a part of me, and will be a part of me for my entire life. Like diabetes or cancer, it’s just something you live with and do your best to control it. This is a bad “ism” that can lead to a lot of family pain, great losses and death.

One of the cures for this ism is another called spiritualism. The teachings of AA focus a lot on this, making a part of your everyday life. From this, I personally have found great serenity, humility, and a heightened awareness of self and others.

I wish there were more isms, like TV ism, Facebook ism, work ism, text ism, coffee ism and more. All of those activities and habits that can at times be taken to excessive levels, distracting you from important isms like family ism or health ism.

Most times, managing your isms can be quite easy once you identify them. I start my day with a little bit of spiritualism, then I float that into my thoughts for the activities that I need to do, make sure that everything I plan to do aligns with the good isms that I want to be part of my life. When you break it down like that, it’s not that hard, just take care of your isms, one day at a time.

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