Blue Male - Check

Did they miss the memo?

I'm pretty sure, that the rules today are that all men and women, regardless of race, color, height, baldness, amount of hair on back (men and women) are to be treated as equals when it comes to employment opportunities.

Why is it that at the end of every job application they want to know your ethnic background? Do we actually count how many Eskimos and Native Americans are applying for jobs? And if so, why. I am a white male, Irish? French? German? Italian? Russian? Slavic? Israeli?… They don't ask that question. Why not?

We also feel compelled to track gender, why is that? The nature of my genitalia won't affect my ability to perform that office job. Whether you have man breasts, or woman breasts shouldn't matter at work (however, some men, quite frankly, could use a little underwire help, especially in IT). I think that's one question we could do without.

If they're going after gender, why not just ask them what their sexual preferences are? Or maybe the next logical sequence would be religion. I think we need a few more government agencies to track all of these new numbers.

It seems to me that if we spent all the time and energy we waste on tracking these numbers on fixing the problem of any quality, we'd be better off.

I guess my point is, there are many flavors of human beings, we really don't need to count them all, just enjoy the variety.

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