Awww, Cmon - no way ...

It's too good to be true.

Right?  Maybe?
C'mon!! ... or Come on 

I received a phone call the other day, someone I didn't know wanted to talk to me about an opportunity. I personally am never one for passing up on new things, but I excepted this call with a mild degree of skepticism.

I've talked with many people about many different opportunities, I've worked with many dozens of companies, helping them market and convey their branded message in different ways. Just when you think you've seen it all, good and bad, someone comes up with something a little different that makes you stop and think.

My meeting took place in my stocking feet, in a rather elegant house along the Connecticut River, with a gentleman in his later years, and was obviously not in need of additional revenue. He was soft-spoken, low key, but he had a passion about what he was talking about, a new and different opportunity. If this were Star Wars. I would refer to it as a "convergence of the force"

All of the elements in this opportunity where there, the right product, the right time, and an inelastic consumer need, something you can't live without these days. So what was the catch?

The only catch, was having the ability to open my mind to a different way of doing things, looking at things that were changing in front of me differently, because I had looked at them the same way for decades. As the book says, the cheese was moving, and it was growing… Growing very fast, but it was in a different part of the maze. I just needed to look around the corner from a different angle to see it.

I guess the lesson learned is within reason, don't pass by opportunities that are reaching out to you, because you don't understand them. Don't let the past guide your future, because the past stays the same, and your future can change. I'm changing my future for the better, in my family and my career, by looking differently at the future, one day at a time.


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