The Operation Failed

Microsoft is known for giving error messages that are at best useless. I was greeted by one of these messages this morning as I tried to launch the program Outlook. A split moment after clicking the icon that worked fine last night, I was greeted with a message saying"the operation failed". No explanation, reason or solution, only that it had failed.

I knew the reason it failed, I have another program that synchronizes with Outlook and it was locking up the data tables Outlook uses. I knew that it would finish in a few moments, and all would be fine.

These error messages might be a lot like the soundbites you get in life. Like co-workers who simply announce that something didn't work and walk away, or news headlines from various media that deliver  you a ten second soundbite with no real understanding behind the issue. They just bring you bad news, lots of it, every moment, of every day, and they smile while doing it.

Too often, like this error message, the focus is on what is not working, what is wrong, even when the solution may be simple. All too often I have seen operator error as the root cause, in computers, and am life. I am guilty of making my share of error messages, I just hope to do more than Microsoft in explaining them and doing something about them.

So my lesson is learned from this morning, on my computer and in my life, I often try to do too many things at the same time. Sometimes it's better to slow down, wait a few moments, make sure that everything is complete, before moving on.

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