Overcoming Cancer

I have a very close friend who has struggled with cancer for nearly three decades. For the most part he had been able to live a normal life; wife, house, career, kids.

The cancer would come and go in waves, but he was able to fight it off many times through willpower and some home medications and exercise for the longest time.

However, as time wore on, cancer got the better of him. It dragged on his career, affected his marriage to the point of divorce, and the cancer began to affect all around him.

Last year, just after the joyous occasion getting engaged, cancer hit him hard for some reason. He became unable to hold a job, unable to take care of his kids, his bride to be left him, he would eventually lose most everything.

Depression was overwhelming, sleepless nights caused him near insanity. And then the cancer also indirectly caused a legal blindness and made him unable to read or drive. Due to cancer, he hit bottom.

Losing all will to live, the  cancer nearly killed him. Lying on the floor of his living room, unable to move due to massive malnutrition, he was hospitalized. After about a month of visits to the hospital, many treatments, scans, medications,  procedures and medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars, all indications are the cancer is under control.

He will have to live with the threat of cancer for the rest of his life ( a few decades to go hopefully), but he is coping through the support of cancer survivor groups who encourage his mind and spirit stay strong and always fight against cancer.

As of this writing,a  short four months since his first hospital visit, he has regained much of the strength and eyesight. He is rebuilding his career, family and his whole life one day at a time, hopefully never again having to be a victim to cancer.


Now - replace the word Cancer with Alcoholism and  does your perception change? For so many, Cancer=Empathy and Alcoholism=Apathy.

They are both diseases that affect many millions of people every day, and kills many of them. There is a club in my home town called the Windsor Recovery Club, if you are feeling like alcohol is becoming a problem in your life, stop in and listen for a while. Meeting Schedule HERE.

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