No baggage? you're funny

A few ago I professed online that I had"no baggage" on some website. Some time after that the woman I was dating, who had great insight and a way with words said:"you don't have baggage, you have a freight train".

Well, it may have not been quite that bad, but she was right of my overly optimistic self assessment of traveling through life with the mental equivalent of only sandals and a Hawaiian shirt.

The visualization I came up with was a series of on matched bags, all overflowing and strewn about the bed, each needing varying levels of attention to get them organized. There was luggage for careers, relationships, missed opportunities, mistakes, successes and more. Mentally, I carried all these bags everywhere.

I did find a nice organizing tool has helped me out recently, it was in the form of prayer, that simply says you can affect change to some things, others you cannot, and you may need a little help from somebody a bit wiser than you to figure out which is which.

Having applied that rule, I now have only 2 bags. First, I have a large check on bag, for things I may want to remember or need, but if it was permanently lost, I could move on easily. This bag will travel with me, but now that it's checked in, I don't authority about it. It just follows me to my destination.

My other mental luggage bag is a carry-on, with only a laptop  in it . In this are files that I need to deal with life.  such as exciting items as taxes, budgets, legal documents and other exciting items.

But more important, there is a special folder right on the desktop for quick access. This folder is full of images of my children growing up, fun times at amusement parks, vacations. It contains videos of dancing, events and laughter and moments, and songs of life and love I've been able to share with them and others who matter most. 

I love this device because it allows me to carry around what is important in the here and now. I carry it everywhere and access it often. It even helps remind me of things I need to do to get to my destination safe and on time, on a daily basis.

Pack Wisely and Safe Travels 

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