Incarcerated by snowflakes

A local traffic reporter posted on FB on Friday night that she felt"trapped" in her house due to the storm. I suppose if you're claustrophobic you can be a bit unnerving knowing that you cannot really go anywhere.

The television is pretty much useless, by the time the storm hits you're sick of hearing about it. All of the reporters get sent to the same locations they go to during every storm. Just once I'd like to hear someone from the DOT respond to reporter "were going to salt the roads, pepper the highways and sprinkle some garlic on the exit ramps".

I prefer to use this time for focusing on organizing thoughts, goals in life. TV off, music on, candle or fireplace if you have one, something good to read and a cup of tea. Relax and enjoy the time. Make a few phone calls to friends, and check in on those who may need help.

Relax, rest up, the storm was a great excuse not to rush out anywhere, but rather to reflect inward and enjoy the peaceful beauty the snow.

The shoveling of life can wait till tomorrow.


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