Fathers and Football

I'll start this by saying AD's pizza has been a fixture in my life since I was very VERY little. Sunday nights back then consisted of Disney (UHF Channel 30), Rootbeer Soda ... and an AD's Pizza

Zoom forward a few decades, I'm a long time Steelers fan, AD's is starting a Steelers Fan Club (1995) in their new facility. My fav Team and Food, all in one location.

But why?

What was the link?  The original owners son is a huge Steelers fan and now current owner there, OK that make sense.Brings in business, that makes sense. But there was something more.

It wasn't until a few days ago when I read the BlittzburghCT fan club write up when it all fell together for me. John, the original owner who started AD's in the 50's would spend lots of time with his son Joe watching the football games when he was growing up. Their history together.

Now, the family is carrying on the business, and also the memories of Father and Football time spent together.

So when Joe, his sister and their mom all show up for work, it's more than Pizza and Ziti, It's about remembering John the father every day, through his portraits on the wall and the roar of "Touchdown" coming from the lounge.

I'm having AD's Pizza this Superbowl Sunday with my Kids and some RootBeer!



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